Sino si Basyang?

My real name is Rezsa Montibon. It is pronounced as [Re-zha]. It is the combination of my mother and father’s name: REgine and SAlly. And of course the last letter of the alphabet Z!

My friends and relatives usually call me Zsa-Zsa, Zsang. BUT my father fondly calls me Basyang when he wants to kiss and hug me. That is the etymology of the term of endearment Basyang. Eventually, my friends call me Bash.

I find it so sweet to be called Basyang. Other people find it so awkward to call a pretty and bubbly girl with this name because it is always associated to the infamous Lola Basyang. BUT for me, anyone who calls me Basyang is a person who is so dear to me.

Like Lola Basyang, I am very talkative. I even consider myself as a good conversationalist. Story telling with friends is my favorite past time. I love to share my adventures, experiences and lessons learned in life.

Happy reading! =)


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